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Featherstone Driver Training 

Est. 1990

Richard Woodward ADI

07903 889385

Be the best you can be - a test pass is just the beginning

07903 889385

Insurance for Learners

Did you know?

When you pass your driving test your insurance premium may go up.


Because you are no longer supervised by a full licence holder.

How will I know if this will happen?

Ask the insurance company when you take out your learner policy. Some learner policies may be obtained at a good price but will add a big supplement when you pass your test. Some may start off a little more expensive but add less of a supplement when you pass.

So what types of insurance can I get as a learner?

You can arrange short term insurance on a car that is not owned by you. Maybe it's a parent, friend or relatives car. This company provide insurance that is separate to the car owners policy so if something did happen it doesn't effect their no claims bonus. 

National Learner Driver Insurance can arrange this for you. Click here or on the picture to the left to check out discounted prices for our students.

Young Marmalade sometimes called We are Marmalade! Don't be put off by the sticky name as they have some sweet deals :-)

This company provide short term insurance the same as National Learner Driver plus new driver insurance, Learner driver insurance, black box insurance and some fantastic deals and packages for cars that include insurance.

This page is under construction. Pop back soon to see what's new

How can I save money on my car insurance?

Below are some links to help you gain some good quotes. We welcome your feedback on the quotes you acheive with these companies. Black box technology (telematics) can reduce your insurance premium dramatically. The insurance company will arrange the fitting of a black box to your car which will moniter your driving style and the times of your journeys. You will be rewarded for good driving with a lower premium. Some companies will reward you with High Street vouchers or cashback. If you agree not to drive after 11pm you will be rewarded an even lower premium. This is because although there is 60% less traffic at night, a whopping 40% of fatal crashes happen at night time.

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