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Manual & Automatic 

Featherstone Driver Training 

Est. 1990

Richard Woodward ADI

07903 889385

Congratulations to:

* = First time pass with Featherstone Driver Training

(A)= Automatic Driving Licence


*Lisa from Wednesfield (A)

Laura from Coven

*Tom from Coven

Niamh from Featherstone

*Elex from Coven (A)

*Edward from Great Wyrley (A)

Ella from Featherstone

Adella from Coven

*Sam from Featherstone

*Bethany from Coven (A)

*Jacob from Featherstone

*Ellie from Wednesfield

Ellis from Coven

*Bethany from Fordhouses

*Alfiya from Huntington (A)

*Kelly from Chadsmoor (A)

*Michelle from Hednesford (A)

*Ann from Longford Cannock (A)

Poko from Brewood (A)

Faith from Wimblebury (A)

Shannon from Hednesford (A)

*Kelly from Hednesford (A)

Laura from Great Wyrley (A)


*Georgia West from Huntington (A)

*Grace Bennett from Shareshill

*Rebecca Saxon from Featherstone

Daniel Ram from Featherstone

*Lisa Cassell from Chadsmoor (A)

Jasmine Walker from Hednesford (A)

Bekkie Hughes from Hednesford (A)

Natalie Morgan Banks from Featherstone (A)

*Alex Jenkins from Great Wyrley (A)

*Graham from Gt Wyrley (A)

Christabella Bayley from Norton Canes (A)

*Davey Ireson from Low Hill (A)

*Charlotte Lee from Heath Hayes (A)

*Chloe Shone from Wednesfield

*Georgia Colgrave from Cheslyn Hay

*Imogen Price from Coven

Fleur Pegg from Bushbury (A)

*Samual Bailey from Gailey

*Leanne Lynch from Featherstone

*Lesley Rudge from Old Fallings

*Daniel Moorhouse from Featherstone

*Sara Lyon from Bushbury

*Morgan Durkin from Coven (A)


*Jordan Craddock from Cannock

Sue Holland-Martin from Hednesford (A)

*Jessica Nelson from Penkridge (A)

*Angela Porter from Cannock (A)

*Dwayne Walker from Featherstone

Callum Lees from Coven

*Jack Lucas from Wednesfield

*Alishia Cheema from Bilbrook

*Debbie Lloyd from Chadmsoor (A)

Amy Pritchett from Norton Canes (A)

*Kirsty Speakman from Hednesford (A)

*Samantha from Huntington (A)

*Claire Cockayne from Chadsmoor (A)

*Lorraine Pearce from Chadsmoor (A)

8Krissie Yates from Featherstone (A)

Matthew Gooch from Longford (A)

*Malcolm Sutcliffe from Chadsmoor (A)

Tanya Dutton from Norton Canes (A)


*Dannii Martin from Cheslyn Hay (A)

*Dani Wakeman from Chadsmoor (A)

Grace Mitchell from Featherstone

*Karla from Underhill (A)

*Liam Wise from Great Wyrley

*Nick Chilton from Cannock (A)

Callum from Featherstone

*Olivia from Featherstone

James Hall from Brewood

*Rachel Smallman from Pye Green (A)

Louise from Bridgtown (A)

*Gemma James from Cheslyn Hay (A)

*Lorraine Cooper from Bloxwich (A)

*Reece Bradley from Featherstone

Leanne Griffiths from Chadsmoor (A)

Kayleigh Studley from Chadsmoor (A)

*Robert Stewart from Featherstone

*Clare Grainger from Chadsmoor (A)

*Charli Philpott from Hednesford (A)


*Amber Tunnicliffe from Brewood

*Jake Abberley from Featherstone

*Francis Diath from Brinsford

Annie Mitchie from Brewood

James Breeze from Featherstone

*Anni Horto from Huntington (A)

*Luke Robins from Featherstone

*Alison Jones from Featherstone

*Becks Pinches from Oxley

*Darren Shenton from Pye Green (A)

*Stuart Parkes from Heath Hayes (A)

Lia Dorman from Huntington (A)

*Emma Askew from Bridgtown (A)

*Marie Wilkinson From Fordhouses

Jema Edkins from Norton Canes (A)

Richard Freeman from Featherstone

Shane Lee from Calf Heath

*Sue Rickhuss from Bushbury (A)

JulieAnn Crawford from Cannock (A)

*Megan Evans from Old Fallings

*Sophie Creaven from Codsall

*Leanne Taylor from Essington

*Charlotte Till from Wednesfield

*Matthew Anthony from Cheslyn Hay

*Arjan Singh Chana from heath Hayes (A)

Maxine Smart from Huntington (A)

*Wendy Evans from Hednesford (A)

*Tom Willis from Featherstone

*Libby Crook from Great Wyrley (A)

*Karen Masters from Hednesford

Keely Curtis from Cannock

*Tom Parkes from Featherstone


*Paul Lockley from Wednesfield

*Rachel Baldwin (A) from Walsall

*Angela Marple (A) from Rugeley

*Rashidah Utherman (A) from Smethwick

*Ed Craddock from Moseley

*Jay Bailey from Cheslyn Hay

*Emilia Moutter (A) from Great Wyrley

*Annie Saunders (A) from Bridgtown

*Trudi Knight (A) from Pelsall

Tanya Ward (A) from Pye Green

*Ryan Cluett from Wednesfield*Lucy Brookes from Calf Heath

*Kane Maxwell from Huntington*Ellemae Roden (A) from Pye Green

Anna Marsh from Featherstone

Alex (A) from Cannock

*Sukpal Singh from Wednesfield

*Amanda Gwilt (A) from Bloxwich

*Greg Marshall from Penkridge

Alex Jones from Featherstone

*James Stewart from Featherstone

*Hannah Foster from Brewood

*Holly Rice (A) from Willenhall

*Joe Shaw from Brinsford

*Craig Allen (A) from Burntwood

*Aysel Arnavut (A) from Burntwood

*Danielle Martin from Featherstone

*Demi Watson from Featherstone

*Tom Green from Cannock


*Emma Cox (A) from Fordhouses

*Chris Dean from Featherstone

*Laura Bond (A) from Heath Hayes

*Charlee Watson from Featherstone

Rachel Nixon (A) from Pye Green

Rebekah Warren from Featherstone

Isobel Callaghan (A) from Lichfield

*Keiron Robins from Featherstone

*Ben Adkins from Featherstone

*Tom Payne from Featherstone

Katrina Roberts (A) from Hednesford

*Abby Milliagan from Featherstone

*Dawn Bishop (A) from Rugeley

*Jack Webb from Featherstone

*Fay Jenkins (A) from Heath Hayes

*Stephanie Salter from The Scotlands

Amy Sarginsson from Cannock

*Heidi Davies (A) from Norton Canes

*Matthew Edwards from Wilenhall

Jenny Stain from Cheslyn Hay


*Traci Copnall (A) from Bridgtown

*Debra Lugar (A) from Shoal Hill

*Karina Boulton (A) from Brewood

*Paige Larkin from Featherstone

*Lisa (A) from Norton Canes

Nathan Powell from Featherstone

*Les Baldwin from Wimblebury

*Katie Strange from Featherstone

*Donna Farnell (A) from Cannock

*Lauren Bonser from Bushbury

*Natalie Collard (A) from Cannock

*Robert Foyle (A) from Bushbury

Lisa Langston (A) from Cannock

*Aaron Hatfield from Featherstone

*Reece Corns from Coven

*Stephanie Williams (A) from Bloxwich

Kirsty Harris from The Scotlands

*Laura Secker from Cheslyn Hay


*Matthew Dudley from Featherstone

*Katie Mielnik

Ashley Young

*Chantelle Rowley (A) from Hednesford

*Jade Fullwood (A) from New Invention

*Steven Mapp from Featherstone

*Matthew Bradley

*Matthew Rice from Essington

*Michelle Clarke (A) from Cannock

Ellis Bailey

*Rachel Jenkins

*Amanda Maddox (A) from Norton Canes

*Matthew Dean from Featherstone

*Gemma Whitehouse

* Michael Wathall

* Emily- Jo Turner

* Olivia Simkin

*Stephanie Webb from Great Wyrley

*Sam Lennon from Featherstone

Aaron Bradley

*Susan Marlow from Essington

Liam cross from Featherstone

*Emma Phillips (A) from Cannock


*Robyn Brazier

*Nathan Parkes

Laura Bibb (A) from Featherstone

*Siobhan Speak

*Fiona Bremner (A)

*Helen Gething from Cheslyn Hay

*Jodie Lucus

*Matthew Marsh from Featherstone

*Dan Crouch

*Emma Houlston

*Sharon Malpass from Slade Heath

*Kelly Highman

*Amy Simmons from Essington

Megan Jones from Great Wyrley

*Abbigail Wigg from Cannock

*James Dudley from Featherstone

*Matthew Hulme

*Laura Wathel

*Hayley Beard

Richard Cartwright

*Stephen Gallager

*Lee Staite from Wedges Mils

*Jodie Coffey (A) from Wednesfield

*Kyle Woodward from Featherstone

*Tim Taylor

*Martin Malone

*Sonya Pheasant from Essington

*Ashleigh Duckhouse from Ashmore Park

*Stephanie Beckett

*Harriet Humphries

*Alex Imerfreys

*Rebecca Asbury from Essington

*Richard Breeze from Featherstone

*Ben Tate from Featherstone

*Simon Hayward from Featherstone


*Tom Warren from Featherstone

*Richard Saxon from Featherstone

*Emma Ralphs from Shareshill

*Kirsty Smith from Great Wyrley

Ben Partridge from Shareshill

*Samantha Harper from Essington

Jessica Willis from Wednesfield

*Cheryl Ruscoe (A) from Featherstone

*Katie Johnson from Wednesfield

Louise Smith

*Josh Cowell from Featherstone

*Daniel Wilkinson

Hannah Evans from Featherstone

*Lisa Bagnall

*Stuart Carpenter

*Callie Stewart

*Ben Harbutt

Siobhan Bruce

*Donna Pinkerton from Featherstone

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This is our manual page

Below are some quotes from our many Thank You cards, messages and texts:

Just to say thank you Dawn for your brilliant tuition. Now I feel properly independent. I am a very grateful pupil. Thanks again love Sue

Sue from Cannock

To Richard, just wanted to thank you for all the support and advice you have given me which allowed me to pass my test first time!

You've been patient and understanding which has enabled me to achieve something I never thought possible!

I couldn't have done it without you or with anybody else!

So Thank You!

Georgia from Cheslyn Hay

Thank you Dawn for all your hard work and helping me through my test. All your work paid off. Thank you so much

Wendy from Hednesford

Richard Thank you for being a wonderful instructor

Keely from Cannock

Dawn, thanks for being a brilliant instructor and getting me through my driving test

Julie from Cannock

To Dawn (& Richard) A huge thank you for all the patience, support and advice that has enabled me to pass my driving test.......first time

I could not have wished for a more experienced and greatly knowledgeable instructor.

I will miss the chats and giggles though :(

I am free to cruise about and have so much independence. Thanks again xxx

Kerry from Cannock

Hi Richard, Just a note to thank you for teaching Elliot & Emiley to drive and both pass their tests first time. Most probably will have a few more grey hairs now they are both on the road but never the less am very grateful for all your help. best Wishes to you and Dawn

Debbie from Westcroft

To Dawn, thank you so much for teaching me how to drive. I never could have passed without you or with anyone else! You have taught me a skill that has completely changed my life. Thank you so much!

Alex from Cannock

Richard, just wanted to say thank you for all that you've done. Much appreciated.

Matt from Great Wyrley

To Dawn, a big thank you for all your patience

Michelle from Featherstone

Hi Dawn, just wanted to thank you again for all your help and patience in helping me to pass my driving test. I couldn't have asked for a nicer instructor

Fay J from Heath Hayes

Hi Dawn just I'd just like 2 thanku 4 your patience encouragement and your time,couldn't have done it without you, hope the rest of your students realise what a diamond u really are,, thanku 4 givin me my independance, be in touch soon oh n I'm still floatin lol xxx

Michelle C from Cannock

Dawn & Richard - Thank you for all your help and amazing fleet training. You went above and beyond what you had to do!

John from Cannock

Dawn - A really big thank you for teaching Sarah to drive so well, and for which I am really grateful. She learned more from yourself than she did in previous months with the other instructor. I cannot express how grateful I am. You have certainly made it all worthwhile.

Christine from Cheslyn Hay

Dawn - Thank you so much for having faith in me! Love from

Amanda from Norton Canes

Richard - Thanks Richard for helping me pass my test and all the great advice.

Matt from Featherstone

Richard - Hi just to say thanks for everything again. You were a great teacher, see you on the road.

Olivia from Featherstone

Richard and Dawn - Thanks for all your help

Jonathan from Featherstone

Richard - I just wanted to text you to say thank so so much for teaching me everything - you're a star!

Jodie from Low hill

Dawn - thank you so much for your help. I really do appreceiate it. x

Amy from Essington

Dawn - just a little note to say Thank You! for all your help and support you have given me "I can Drive" love Marie from Norton Canes

Richard - "Thanks for all your help teaching me to drive and pass my test first time. I really enjoyed our lessons and your new car is wicked. Keep in touch."

Ed from Featherstone

"To Richard Thank you very, very much for your patience and skills in teaching Richard to drive. Best Wishes"

Ann & Andy from Featherstone

Dawn - "just wanted to let you know I am over the moon! thank you for giving me so much confidence! You are a super duper instructor! xxxx

Kirsty from Great Wyrley

Richard - "Thank you for teaching me to pass my test 1st time! You have been brilliant and patient even when I couldn't quite grasp things."


Dawn - "Thank you for everything and making me pass. Stay safe"

Ben from Shareshill

Dawn - "Thanks for everything"

Sam from Calf Heath

Dawn - "Thank you for all your help in teaching me to drive. You have no idea how much passing my test means. Again, thank you."

Sarah from Featherstone

"To Dawn & Bugsy! Thank you for all your patience."

Em from Featherstone

Dawn - "Thanks for all your help"

Ben from Essington

Dawn & Richard - "Just to say thank you for your amazing work this year."

Charlotte from Cheslyn Hay

Richard & Dawn - "A BIG thank you to you both. You don't know how much this means to me. Haven't come down to earth yet!

Janice from Featherstone

Dawn - "Thanks for everything."


Dawn - "Thank you very much for teaching me to drive and pass my test. You have been very kind, I really appreciate it."

Caroline from Essington

Richard - "Thank you for helping me pass my test. You are a brilliant instructor."


Dawn - "Grateful thanks for all your patience and good instruction over the last six months. All the best for the future."


Dawn - "sweet little Dawn. You've really been a star. I couldn't have done it without you (well I used your car!) Lots of love :-))

Ryan from Featherstone

Dawn - "Thanks for teaching me to drive properly. Makes a change from previous instructors. You'll be highly recommended."

Gary from Cheslyn Hay

Dawn - "Sorry this is late. I wanted to say a big thank you to you and Richard for all your help and support you gave me which got me through my driving test! I've even been on the motorway and drove home from Leicester. Thanks again."

Rachael from Featherstone

Dawn - "Thanks for everytihng you have done. Thanks for being my instructor and my friend."

Becky from Essington

Richard - "Thank you for getting me through my driving test. I couldn't have done it without you. PS. Thank Dawn for trusting me with her Beetle - it made my day!" Love

Tasha from Cheslyn Hay

Richard - "I'd just like to say a big thank you! You have helped me so much. i was ready to give it up. Your're 1 'L' of an instructor. I'll miss you. All the best." Love

George from Great Wyrley

Richard - "A big thank you for all your help over the past months. I couldn't have done it without you. PS Don't forget to share the chocolates with Dawn. Love"

Julie from Featherstone

Dawn - "Thank you for your patience, kindness and great instruction. You made me enjoy something that I have avoided for 17 years xx"

Phillipa from Featherstone

Dawn - "Thank you for helping me pass my test and learning me to drive. You're a brill instructor! Love"

Cindy from Featherstone

Dawn - "Just thought I'd say thank you for all your help in passing my test. I'll pass your number on if anyone needs a good instructor. Look out for me in my black mini that I've bought! best Wishes"

Sarah from Cheslyn Hay

Dawn - Thank you so much for helping me pass my test and mastering reverse around the corner! Lots of love"


Dawn - "Well I never thought I'd do it AND I DID!!! Thank you for all your help and encouragement, especially with those reverse round corners. I'm glad I persevered because I'm so excited I can go anywhere I want, when I want. Thank you! Love XX"


Dawn - Thank you for all that you've done for me. I've got my blue mini :-) Lots of Love"

Alex from Shareshill

Automatic Driving lessons cannock, bloxwich, stafford, penkridge, featherstone, bushbury, hednesford, chadsmoor, huntington, pye green, westcroft, wednesfield, Wedges Mills, cheslyn hay, gt wyrley, great wyrley, essington