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Manual & Automatic 

Featherstone Driver Training 

Est. 1990

Richard Woodward ADI

07903 889385

Automatic Driving lessons in and around

Cannock, Featherstone, Walsall, Bloxwich, Wolverhampton

with patient male & female instructors

07903 889385

Why have Automatic Driving Lessons?

Are Automatic lessons the way forward for you?

Automatic lessons are ideal for pupils who wish to get on the road quickly with little fuss. Many people who couldn't cope with a manual car have managed to succeed with automatic. An automatic car has no clutch and the gears change automatically with no input from yourself. It reduces driver fatigue allowing the driver to concentrate on the road and traffic.

So why doesn’t everyone drive an Automatic?

In the UK we've traditionally learnt to drive in manual gearbox cars. This is because it was difficult to fit a reliable automatic transmission into a small car. It was therefore only large, luxury cars that came with an automatic option.

Today's increasingly busy roads can make constant gear changing in traffic very frustrating so more and more people are turning to driving an automatic.

Nowadays, due to advances in technology, any size car can be purchased with either full automatic, or semi automatic transmission. Both have only two pedals. You can take an automatic driving test in either type. As long as there are only two pedals it is considered to be automatic.

However if you pass your driving test in an automatic car you will be licenced to drive only automatic vehicles.

No Gears - No Tears - No Fears

Most people could learn to drive a manual car, but find it more time consuming than they thought it would be. They often find clutch control difficult and gear changes frustrating. This can lead to an overwhelming fear of never being able to cope with it all. Often driving an automatic is a revelation and the realisation that you will be able to drive and have your freedom after all.

The driving test is longer (approx 40 minutes) and more demanding than it used to be. The days of having a few lessons with your dad to learn the basics and then trying to pass the test are long gone.

If you’re interested in cars, and in driving, and have some mechanical understanding, then maybe manual is for you. However more and more people are realising that there is just no point in struggling to master the clutch and gears of a manual car anymore - would you buy a TV set without the remote control? 

Automatic driving lessons are the faster and easier way to pass. Once you have an automatic driving licence you will gain confidence and experience on the road. If you still want a manual licence you could maybe try that at a later date. At least you will have gained your independence quickly.

Here's karen who passed first time twice. Firstly she had success with automatic driving lessons and a year later passed first time with manual lessons.

Most people never go back to manual car once they've experienced the luxury of an automatic but Karen felt an amazing achievement in doing this.

So how does an automatic differ from a manual?

An automatic or semi-auto car has only 2 pedals, the accelerator and the foot brake. Your right foot is used to operate both pedals, the left foot is not usually used at all.

If you have a disability preventing you from using your right foot it is possible to operate the pedals with the left foot. The car changes gear 'automatically' depending on the speed of the car, the load on the engine, and the gradient of the road. You do not have to make any decisions about which gear to use, the car decides. It is almost impossible to stall an automatic car.

Most automatic cars have 'creep.' This means they will move forward if you aren't braking. This means it very rarely rolls on a hill. If it does you simply accelerate forward. This takes a lot of the worry out of driving for very nervous pupils. 

Be the best you can be - a test pass is just the beginning

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